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  • Testimonial

    This course gave me price action skills that could be used on any time frame, any markets at any times. The cost – almost banditry for what I’ve gained.

    Ali, Montreal Canada

  • Testimonial

    Hi Nick. Last week was the best ever. No losses – only wins! After a while it becomes boring. No emotions at all. That’s exactly what I was after from the start!

    Nikos - Greece

  • Testimonial

    As a guest I watched you for a week systematically extract pips from almost every move the market made.  What I have seen cannot be unseen! Simply incredible.

    Antonio S, Rome Italy

  • Testimonial

    Before connecting here my trading confidence was 30/40%. Now it’s 80/90% Anxiety has transformed into calmness.


  • Testimonial

    Nick is a considerate, patient teacher and I’m grateful to him for sharing his decades of knowledge and condensing it in a way that makes it easy to implement in a short period of time.

    David M

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Join us and watch my ‘challenge’ as I take a small retail account and trade it into an exorbitant sum in a short 24 month period of time. Gain access to the very tools and analysis I use. Listen to my podcasts and lessons as I call the market movements in our daily trading sessions.  I utilize both automated algorithmic entries and mirror it with a manual approach. I promise you, it will look complex at first, but ask the questions in our trading room. It’s worth it in every sense and when you realize how simple trading can be  – the complexities are minimized down to taking candy from a sleeping baby.

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