It was July 1994 – I had just walked across the street from lunch and thought – some day there was going to be a strategy that incorporates the strongest analytical methodologies, predictive components of market cycles, order flow studies and pure price action into one algorithm. Today in front of you is the driving force of AG43 that very algorithm. Hello, my name is Nick and AG43 is my life’s work as it concludes its third decade.

When I first started trading I was merely 15 years old. I was lucky enough to have a grandfather that shared my passion for the markets and with his gratuitous sponsorship, I was able to trade penny stock on his dime and risk. It goes without saying that when there was a profit I would claim that as my own. Now that I think about it, those were the days that were best. I felt like a bank. Taking profit and keeping no risk!

All jokes aside – To this day I have traded every asset class including consumer debt receivables, bonds, bills & notes. I’ve virtually carried bushels of corn, wheat, and soybeans while ushering pork bellies to the slaughter and herding a few thousand live cattle from the futures pits. I’ve bought many rail cars of near wood during a 1993 price spike and a portion of my heavy work load did not just contain carry trades.

For the past 17 years, my focus has been foreign exchange. I enjoy the depth of intellect that forex requires but my approach is rather different. I’m a photographer by nature and thus being a visual person I rely only upon the real and visible to ‘calculate’ where exchange rates are heading. This does a few things for me, it keeps me tuned to price action in every sense of the word and it allows predictive reasoning that has shed light years of insight into why prices move and why they stop at pre-determined price levels. This is qualitative analysis at it’s best.

There’s very little of the market that I haven’t dissected into granular slices but the totality is what Alpha is about – “Market Transparency” at levels that raise the performance standards of traders worldwide.

Technically there’s very little ‘offshore’ about AlphaOffshore – it’s that very transparency that helps our traders navigate the rough waters of foreign exchange. There’s a difference in what we do – and it’s massive!

We welcome you aboard AG and If there’s ever anything we can do to help you out – please inquire, more than likely we’d be glad to help you.

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