For our TDCAP, Capital Allocation Program – Please see bottom of this page.

1.  What do you offer members?   We are a foreign exchange educational firm.  We provide our members with daily webinar    instructional sessions, newsletters and educational courses for spot fx.  Our members obtain access to our proprietary analytical models in FlowTrader, FlowTraderLT (Lite Version) and CycleTrader. Our professional and platinum members gain access to beta testing, reviews and production environment Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4.  Our studies implement Market Cycles, Timing, Volume and Order Flow Analysis, Price Action and Momentum in addition to a number of other proprietary methodologies.


2. What is the recurring revenue that you offer? We are a community of trading members who see the benefits of team work. For that team work we compensate our members who elect to share us with their colleagues. Our compensation plan is healthy and is a great way for new traders to Earn while they Learn. Yes you can fund your account with commissions that we pay you with our compensation plan. We will credit a pre paid MasterCard with your earnings. You can use the card to fund your trading account.


3. What options do you offer members for learning to trade?  We have several options available.


For Non-Institutional – Individual Members Only


Trader Membership is an affordable way to access limited functionality of our analytical intelligence with our daily webinar sessions and news event coverage. What we give away free in these sessions alone is far beyond anything you’ve seen before!   Monthly Subscription.


Active Trader Membership takes a step further with a license of FlowTrader and CycleTrader.  We also have 3 trading course offerings including online/live group sessions. Monthly Subscription.


Professional Membership offers Online Course Modules, 5 hours of Group Course Sessions with FlowTraderLT, FlowTrader and CycleTrader Models. In addition is our FastTrader One – Click Trading interface and one-on-one access to consultations. Quarterly Subscription.


Platinum Membership takes trading to new levels with 20 Hours of Daily Group Instruction, online modules, FlowTraderLT, FlowTrader & CycleTrader.  Platinum also provides extensive private group sessions and an extensive amount of one-on-one instructional consultations. Platinum Membership has guaranteed financing for simple installment plans. Annual Subscription.


For Institutional or ECP Qualified Individual Members Only


Private Client Access – Inquire – Permanent Access.


4. What is guaranteed financing in Platinum memberships?  We venture where no other firm can as we stand behind our educational service.  For those that qualify, we provide simple installment plans for those that seek Platinum Membership. No Credit required a simple one page application. Inquire for more information.


5. What is the difference between Professional and Platinum membership? The difference is merely the time associated with the one-on-one instruction. Professional is more suited for the self-starter, Platinum for those who want a more in depth knowledge personalized attention to their instruction and training via Platinum only review sessions.


6 . How long does it take to acquire the skills to trade professionally?  We can only answer this based on surveys of our current members who have participated in Professional, Platinum or Private Memberships.


Professional Members – 5 to 7 Months through attendance of daily sessions, review courses and one-on-one instructional consultations.


Platinum Members –  2 – 3 Months through intensive one-on-one consultations, research projects (home work) practical exercises, participation in our daily and Platinum Only sessions.


Private Client Membership –  2 Months, Individual, One on One, On Location Training.


7. What support do you offer clients for continuing education? We hold monthly review courses for Professional and Platinum Members twice per month. The more you participate, the better your trading performance becomes.


8. Can I learn at my own pace or do you schedule sessions in advance? Online Course Modules for Professional and Platinum are a self-paced environment, but it is suggested that you pace yourself to parallel the group instruction that you obtain or one-on-one consultations you have.


9. Can I attend instruction on location? Private Client Members obtain 30 days of on location training in the office with us.  It’s intensive instruction while you eat, sleep and breathe the market.


10. Is the strategy dynamic to other time frames? Completely. It’s prowess among all time frames is astounding as it’s all based on supply/demand, price action, cycles, timing and more irrespective of time frames.  There’s a strict set of rules to follow so it remains dynamic.  We look at each opportunity for minimal profit but are ecstatic when it matures well beyond minimal statistical profit levels.


11. Do you offer signals or EA’s to manage my capital for me? On a limited access basis for training purposes yes. Retail traders have increased their demand on EA’s in recent years but we suggest trade automation be monitored at all times and only used when you understand exactly what it’s doing. Never trade an EA without personally understanding what it’s going to do next.


12. What do you mean by historical analysis or lagging indicators? The public market is flooded with technical studies that lag in history. That is handicapping directly upon the trader’s psyche. We remove the latency of historical analysis and develop and maintain non-lagging studies on cycles, volumes, price action and momentum for our members trading arsenal.  This allows traders discretion, insight and confidence to advance to levels they’ve never thought possible.


13. Is trading risky? Of course it is. But it’s our opinion that it’s riskier due to market opacity financial institutions have lobbied for. Failed regulatory reform has curbed the business and transparency to the coffers of the unscrupulous institutions.


14 . How is your course or way of training different from other courses? Our courses and studies show you how to align your trading and knowledge with price action and activities of the institutions. We’ll show you how to profit from their activity alone.  You’ll never hear us speak of theoretical terms, technical studies that provide lagging research or static rules that veer far away from markets dynamic movement.


Trader Development and Capital Allocation Program – Access

To enroll in our TDCAP you must have a qualifying membership of Active-Platinum Elite or Private Client Access.

Enrollment is done with an online form. Contact us to request the enrollment. During Level 1, Qualification you’re invoiced $135.00 a month. The reason for this billing is we leave it up to you as to how long you’ll remain in qualification level 1.

Once you have completed level 1, there are no further billings. You’re trading our capital and we don’t want anything interfering with your production.

Each progressive level of funding will govern maximum daily risk and lifetime risk. If lifetime risk has been breached your funding will drop to the previous level until you’ve completed that level. A subsequent breach in a set back level will disqualify your funding and you’ll have to start again at level 1.

Level 1 – 10,000 Demo Environment – Completion at 100% return , 25/1 Leverage with a maximum of 2.5% in daily risk and lifetime risk maximum of 20%.

All Funded Accounts Generate a 50% Compensation Plan through level 7.

Level 2 – $ 2,500 USD Funded. If within the US, you’l be funded within the US, if outside the US, you’ll be funded outside the US. Max Daily Risk 2%, Lifetime 20%

Level 3 – $ 10,000 USD Funded.

Level 4 – $ 25,000 USD Funded.

Level 5 – $ 50,000 USD Funded.

Level 6 – $ 100,000 USD Funded.

Level 7 – $ 250,000 USD Funded.

Level 8 – 11 Bonus’s Paid, 2, 4 & 6%

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