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Hi Nick.

You asked for some feedback the other day, and I’ve been meaning to tell you just how it pleases me what you are doing.

I’ve had a pretty bad experience with FX… I’ll leave it at that. It’s quite literally by accident that I stumbled across you on 52 traders. I’ve tried a few of the other “experts” featured there – spending thousands of dollars with them.
I had signed up and was looking forward to the course this week. I had a bit of another sting in NFP last week, and over the weekend, I was thinking to myself – this is literally the last effort that I’m going to put into trading. If this is not it – then quite frankly – I need to move on. That might be why I said my confidence level is 30% at the start.

After what I’ve seen this week – I have more hope than ever before – that this CAN be done. I’ve seen you do it – and I know it’s going to take hard work and PRACTICE.

I just want to say thank you for what you are doing. It has the potential to change peoples lives IMMEASURABLY. In an industry littered with thieves – you stand out quite literally like a knight in shining armour.

I will be joining Pro at the end of the course. It might take me a couple of weeks to gather the funds from my ailing accounts – but it is the ONLY way forward for me.

Even as I look at a chart right now without the indicators – I know it would be insane to open a trade without having the tools that you provide.
Anyway. I’ve gone on a bit much here… Look forward to the coming sessions.




I just wanted to send another update and thank you for your continued help. After completing your course and working with you my trading took off like a Rocket as you know. However, as you are also aware, I decided to create my own proprietary method of marrying a direction! LOL (Joke). Well,,,,, as you know I quickly took my account from $50k to less than $4k.

Now onto Chapter 2 …………………….. Now I’m happy to report that after working with you for those few days and putting the rules back into my trading arsenal, I have completely recouped my losses, plus an additional $10k, over the last 2 weeks. I continue to “Respect The Market” as you say and have now gone 239 trades with 217 winners and only 22 loosing Trade. My average loss has only been 3-5 PIPs as well.

Now, after being tuned in like I now am, the software and system have really enabled me to trade with incredible accuracy. Those few little tricks with Momentum and Volume completely turned my trading around. I want to thank you again for taking so much time and really caring about my success.
Again, thank you for all you do and your continued support and exceptional teaching!



After only a handful of 1/1 lessons with Nick, I’m now at the stage where I’m able to predict where strong turning points will occur. The odd time when price goes against me, It’s only for a few pips, but this becomes an entry to the opposite direction. Before connecting with Nick, my trading confidence was 30/40%. Now it’s 80/90% ( recent trades 80% profitable., with small losses). Anxiety has transformed into calmness. Nick is a considerate, patient teacher and I’m grateful to him for sharing his 30 years of knowledge and condensing it in a way that makes it easy to implement in a short period of time.

Damale, London

Ivan G.V.

Nick, the master mind behind Alpha Offshore, is a true maverick of spot FX. He is honest, fun to learn with, but most importantly, the teaching provided is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Nick’s analytical tools to distil market moves is second to none, looking at cycles (both timing and magnitude), which when combined with the analysis of institutional volume (thru his institutional flow trader tool) + price action, it allows to be in constant sync with market flows.

The confidence levels one can reach to enter trades and win percentage should, relatively quick (may vary from 1-3 months), increase towards the 80-85% threshold.

The tools utilized by Alpha offer the type of transparency no indicator can achieve, as it constantly keeps traders on the right side of the institutional order flow, constantly adapting without marrying to a particular position.

Nick also offers 1 on 1 sessions as part of his teaching to students, helping to reinforce one’s understanding of the key concepts and achieve mastery trading the alpha strategy. As per his tuition fee, while slightly higher than the standard forex course out there, once you get to have a taste of the value it represents, you will be perplexed and the price will definitely feel, if anything, low.

Ivan G.V.


Cutting edge of Forex training , run by a very profitable professional trader who really wants you to get this. everything is done in real time no lagging indicators. I could not recommend highly enough

LiamX, UK


I been with the group for about a month now, the information I’ve gained versus the money spent within this short period of time is just peerless, almost a banditry. This course gave me price action skills that could be used on any time frame, any markets at any times. I now have all the bullets I need to be profitable in the markets. Alphagroup has turned a super complex system into baby steps for the public, making retail traders like myself extremely confident to pull the trigger when the perfect trade is occurred.



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